Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update on Em

The surgery went well. It took 5 hours. Emily is doing pretty well, she has an NG tube draining her stomach gases and will have that a few days before she is allowed to eat or drink anything. She has an epidural in continuously pumping in pain meds. I think she'll get that out tomorrow or the next day. She had to have a bikini line incision. She is calm though and not acting upset or in terrible pain. She's i pretty groggy and sleepy now but they'll have her up moving around some more tomorrow. Mark is staying with her at night. Anyway, thank you for thinking of Emily!


Christina said...

I used to be on J05 with you and have been following your blog. I am so relieved to hear that Emily did well with the surgery. Keep the updates coming!!

Membership Required said...

Praises that all went well. I hope her recovery goes well. ML